Price in points: 900 points
1000 produse

900.00 EUR


  • G. W.: 22kgs
  • N. W.:15.5kgs
  • Packing Size:48x40x50cm


1. Remove the dead skin cells

2. Promote the skin metabolism

3. Remove wrinkles

4. Help the skin to retain moisture

The B-8635 Crystal Peeling Machine is based on the principles of exfoliation.Differentfrom many other chemical xfoliations available today, itisadry exfoliation method that is safe to use on many parts of the body including the face area.

Exfoliating can also be understood as the removal of dead skin cells. By using

the special crystals we provide, it can help smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines.

It is also very beneficial for scars left from wounds or chicken pox. It also helps tounclog pores, stimulate the circulation of the skin, eliminate dead skin cells fromthe top layer of the skin and improves the skin' s ability to retain moisture, Givingthe skin a more youthful and healthy appearance. However, due to the nature of its treatment, it is very important that this machineis operated by qualified personnel ONLY. Any violations of the above will voidthe warranty and the operators should be responsible for any damages to thesystems and/or client.

Prior to beginning the crystal peel treatment, make sure that the skin is dry to the touch. Depending on the service and skin condition, you may choose to use one pass or many slightly longer timed passes. Movement should be gentle and rhythmical, but not irritating or uncomfortable. Treatment can be done slowly and in detail-up to 30 minutes for the entire body. A slight reddening after the treatment is a normal reaction. When working on the face, be sure to follow the pattern of the flow chart. If working on the body .Be sure to use both horizontal and vertical strokes in a "fiber" type action, the horizontal strokes should always move from the center outwards. The strokes may be rapid and repeated over the same area to ensure coverage before moving on to the next skin area.

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