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  • G.W.: 8.2kgs
  • N.W.: 7.8kgs
  • Packing Size:47x45x22cm

By using the latest achievements of modern science, combining with a big number of clinical practices, overcoming all the disadvantages of magnetostatic used in the conventional magnetic therapy, fully utilizing alternating, pulsating effects of RF magnetic field, greatly enhance the RF magnetic field penetration, and make the actions of thermal energy of the RF magnetic field deeper, and combining with mechanical massage at the same time, to achieve three-dimensional treatment of spinal disease effect.

Small BIO handle function

For lifting the eye can remove dark circles, under-eye puffiness and wrinkles with the operating time of about 10 minutes

Big BIO handle function

Utilizing the principle of electro-osmosis and electroporation, can deliver medical drugs or natural active ingredients to the inner cell membrane in defined position, layer and quantity with the technology of ultrafine infiltration under the circumstance of no injector used, and help the molecules of the substances to be dispersed to successfully penetrate and enter the skin inside, and push the nutrient molecules into the skin tissue to obtain the facial cosmetic purposes.

Rf handle function

RF radio frequency waves directly penetrate the skin. When utilizing the impedance of the RF skin formation, can also make cell molecules have a strong resonance rotation with number of million times per second to generate thermal energy and thus achieve the purpose of heating the collagen tissue and the fat cells and making the temperature of skin underlying instantaneously rise, utilize the principle that the stimulation of dermal layer will produce immediate collagen tightening and stimulate collagen regeneration, have the functions of lifting and firming skin, removing wrinkles and thinning face.

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