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Applications of RF E-Light Beauty Machine

1. Hair removal, wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation

2. Pigmentation removal, vascular removal

3. IPL RF skin tightening

4. Promotes skin elasticity

5. Skin lightening, acne removal

Advantages of RF E-Light Beauty Machine

1. The malfunction probability is reduced to a minimum order of the magnitude via an upgraded design of the electrical and mechanical structure.

2. Safer operation and more convenient trouble shooting that is equipped with the latest real time self-detection system.

3. It can automatically identify changeable filters, designed to be the best on the market.

4. International standard designed and workmanship

5. Multi-lingual operating system

6. The distributor's automatic identity function enhances the distribution of network management.

7. A wireless IC card management system and tenancy management system facilitate the lease trade.


2 kinds of hand pieces1) E-light hand piece with changeable auto-identify filters:
Filters whole set:
420nm/490nm/530nm/560nm/610nm/690nm~1200nm ;
Spot size:40mmx8mm
2) IPL hand piece with fixed filter:
Spot Size: 50mmx10mm
Hand piece connectionEasy connection
RF power150W(Max)
RF frequency1MHz
5 skin types and 3 hair types treatment parameters
50,000 shots or 100,000 shots limitation for hand piece lifetime (Optional)

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