Eye massage with thermotherapy, magnetotherapy and music therapy

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79.00 EUR

Technical data:
- Multifunctional power supply: 4 AA batteries or AC100- 240V / DС6V adapter
- The dimensions of the main body: 295 x 105 x 100 cm
- Power: 6 W
- Power of neodymium magnets: 600-800 gauss


The massager can be controlled by a remote control with a high fidelity LED screen.

Massage for eyes, forehead and temples with infrared heating, acupressure, punctual vibrational massage, permanent magnets and relaxing sounds of nature, recorded in the built-in MP3 player.

The massager offers different types of massage:
Pneumatic pressure + heating; pneumatic pressure + vibration; heating + vibration; pneumatic pressure + vibration + heating, and additionally during the massage you can relax, listening to natural sounds - recorded in the built-in player.

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