Price in points: 199 points
1000 produse

199.00 EUR


Product configuration


50Hz/60Hz 50W

O.S:44X30X34.5 cm (12PCS)

I.S:17.5X13.5X8 cm

N.W.:11 kgs G.W.:12 kgs

Capacity:0.12 Litre



A:How to use the Machine?

1. Place the machine on a stable and heatproof tabe.

2. Unpack the facial wax and smash them into small pie ces to fill into the machine to keep it 80% full(Please note,do not use the wax other wax)

3. Plug in and turn on the power.About 25 to 30 minutes later,the facial wax is totally melted.

4. Please fill in more wax to 80% full if the wax in the container apparently reduced.

B:Function Steps:

1. Clean you face or hand thoroughly.

2. Feel the temperature using some melted wax. If the wax is too hot,please wipe the wax with the brush.

3. Repeat brush the wax on your face or hands for several times.

The thicker the wax is,the longer the heat will remain.

4. Wrap your hands using rubber gloves if waxing your hands.A better effect will be achieved if an extra pair of heat-preservation cotton gloves is applied.

5. Turn off the wax machine,plug out the connector.Wait until the wax cool down in it for future use. After you use it for

40 times,it is suggested to clean it up thoroughly and fill in

new wax for use


For a better use of the wax machine and lower the chance of scald,fire,electronic shock or injury,Be careful about the points listed below,especially when children or the disabled are nearby:

1. Do not use the product in a most places such as toilet or

Bathroom.Do not dip the machine into water or any other liquid.

2. Do keep the machine flatly on a stable table.

3. Do not overhang the cable at the outside of the table in case of scald.

4. it is suggested to use the wax from the manufacture of the machine.(The wax can be purchases from the agent or manufacture)Do not plug in or plug out with wet hands.

Do not lift the machine with the cable.

5. Do not heat the wax by oven or microwave. Do not heat

the wax with the plastic bag on.Never try to add anything into the wax.

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